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Mario Carabajal *

Through writing, lectures and conferences of writers States of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, we put the Brazilian population and World, the foundation educational, cultural and scientific evolution of average human, social, political, technical and professional - in harmony with nature and the other species that share the planet with humans.

Aim interpret and resize paradigmaximizativamente on assertions, the conceptual distortions broadcast unconsciously, assimilated and incorporated the practice human, social and institutional. Offering us help to redirect the axiológico fruitless and counter-education classes for analytical, enlightened beings and forming the individual and public opinion. Capable of reverting the inferences involutive.

Among other goals of ALB, we set the formation of concrete links between production mental, decodificada literature, creative or observable, with the means and resources to potential reversibility of the ills that afflict the human race.

Finally, actively participate vibrates in the history of our contemporary, referring to the future of humanity, dreams, ideals and realities of lasting prosperity on a solid basis and materialized, won only if based on the principles of truth and determination of the will.

* Founder President of Conalb - National Council of Academies of Arts from Brazil and ALB - 23 books and thirty under revision. Journalist, Educator and Physical Psychoanalyst. Specialist Scientific Research, Technology and Education Psicossomatologia. Master in Clinical Psychoanalysis and Ph.D. in Psiconeurofisiologia. Student of expertise in Control of Public Management / UFSC and Neurosciences / Edumed / RJ. Student of Masters and Doctorate in International Relations / UAA. Professor of Post-Graduate of the University Gama Filho.